Streets, Parking, Transportation

MMS is a pavement engineering specialist. Pavement engineering is a branch of civil engineering that combines engineering principles with extensive knowledge about materials to design and maintain flexible (asphalt), rigid (concrete) and permeable pavements. Achieving optimal durability and performance of paved surfaces requires knowledge of soils, hydraulics, and paving materials. MMS projects include new construction as well as assessment and rehabilitation of existing streets and parking lots.

Pavement assessment employs metrics established by the PCI (Pavement Condition Index) where the condition of the surface is graded based on the distresses observed during physical inspection. Tracking pavement condition over time can help establish the rate of deterioration and forecast upcoming renovation needs. Tracked values can be used by authorities to prioritize, budget and schedule maintenance and rehabilitation.

Another method used to evaluate the condition of pavement is the use of a "falling weight deflectometer" (FWD) to non-destructively test existing pavements. These tests allow the engineer to calculate pavement layer strength, informing decisions about the steps needed to meet performance requirements during rehabilitation.