Farmstead Surveys

drone-2734228_640.jpgAs managing farmland becomes increasingly complex (and margins of error slimmer), detailed knowledge of the farmland grows in its importance. A Farmstead Survey documents all the details of the farmland in a way that is useful to planning, subdividing or selling the property. A thorough and accurate survey is important because:

  • It enables the farmer to know the area of the farmland;
  • It establishes the hydrology of the land, making it easier to manage water flow, retention and erosion;
  • It adds a degree of security against encroachment or ownership claims;
  • An accurate survey is a prerequisite as collateral security for loans;
  • It's required to register farmland and issue a certificate of occupancy;
  • A survey and resulting map data can inform precision farming practices, exposing characteristics like the gradient of the farmland and adding context to information about soil composition, resource consumption and other pertinent management information;
  • Agencies and real estate consultants use survey data to make recommendations; and
  • Farm survey data and plans are used as the basis of farm design.


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