Construction Staking /
Site Layout Survey

Before a site is ready for construction, the site plan has to be transferred to the land in a way that construction crews can "read" as they develop. MMS crews make this possible by staking out reference points and markers that show where new structures such as roads or buildings will go.

Accurate construction staking ensures that the project's constructed features (utilities, roads, sidewalks, buildings, etc.) are built precisely where the plan says they should go. It's important for future reference, but critical to the cost-efficient completion of the project. Additional work to correct things like pipes not lining up results in costly delays and maintenance issues later on.

We maintain the latest technology and staff training to ensure a high degree of accuracy to keep construction moving along.



Need an estimate for construction staking?

If you need to bring in an expert in construction staking, ask for a MMS estimate.

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