Windsor West

Windsor WestAlong American Legion Road in Iowa City is Windsor West, a residential subdivision developed by Arlington Development. Part 1, designed and developed in 2007, included 37 lots for an estimated 130 people.

Windsor West grew quickly, reaching a need for expansion. Part 2 was added in 2012, with 34 lots on 13.4 acres to house about 120 people. Part 3 is being built in 2014 and will add 25 lots on 12 acres.

MMS designed the lot layout, sanitary and storm sewers, water main and storm-water management basins for the project. The design included almost 4,000 linear feet of pipeline. Also, the design includes a walking trail. The trail passes two ponds in a lovely greenspace, with water features in each.


  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Client: Arlington Development, Inc.
  • Status: Complete

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