Start Development Knowing The Details

Are you thinking about buying a tract of land to start your own development, or considering developing a piece of land you already own? Before you start the process, it's a good idea to gather all the available information you can to ensure a successful outcome. There may be covenants long forgotten that still apply. Zoning regulations and requirements change regularly, as do laws about things like land history and the environment.

There is no single source that can provide all of the information you need, but a land development professional

has to stay current with all of the issues affecting construction on currently vacant land. If they've been around a while, they will also know the practical history of the land. Knowledge about things like prior conflicts and development objections are invaluable when it comes to getting a "green light" for your plan.

This is the work MMS has done since 1975. That means we have a long memory about the region we serve and one of the largest private libraries documenting the history of land in Johnson County and the surrounding area.