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Drones Deliver Precise Measurement For Efficient Management

Why A Drone / UAV?
  • Create accurate surface models, including natural features, elevations and architecture.
  • Make use of high resolution geo-referenced maps, digital elevation models, point clouds and 3D modeling.
  • Speed the creation of site plans with base maps with centimeter-level accuracy for infrastructure design.
  • Generate a Classified Point Cloud to calculate volumentric data, model 3D infrastructure and quickly produce as-built drawings.


Drones Deliver Value:
  • Providing precise data for surveys, site design and pre-bid inspections
  • Monitoring progress during construction
  • Making detailed inspections and documentation easy following construction
  • Improving communication with sub-contractors and clients
  • UAV inspections take a fraction of the time required for thorough human inspection
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Why MMS?

Precise outcomes start with good equipment. Our drone and camera are industrial in design and capability. The 6-rotor configuration provides stability in all acceptable flying conditions as well as efficient lift and power to carry up to 12 pounds of additional equipment.
Our pilots are FAA Part 107 licensed and supervised by an experienced, licensed Professional Land Surveyor. They work to make drone services part of a seamless MMS process that takes projects smoothly and efficiently from data collection to processing to completed development site plans.